What To Keep In Mind Before Using Forskolin?

Forskolin is a compound extracted from the roots of Indian Coleus plant mostly found in India, Thailand and Burma. Since the early days, the Indian Coleus plant has been used as treatment for heart conditions like chest pain and blood pressure together with respiratory illnesses like asthma. Again, forskolin can also be taken orally to treat allergies, painful periods, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder infections and most of all obesity.

With all its healing properties and benefits of forskolin, its still considered as a drug and as thus, it should be administered with great caution. It is reported to boost testosterone levels within the blood and its potent biological reactions stimulate the body to respond immediately to lipolysis and improve overall muscle performance. Lipolysis is the action of breaking down fats in the body which is very helpful to patients of obesity as they are then able to shed off some weight. Testosterone on the other hand boosts muscle efficiency which comes in handy for athletic persons or those involved in vigorous activities. Other than that, forskolin is also being tested to establish if it has any benefits to the immune, respiratory and cardio-vascular systems. Based on reports from users of forskolin, both men and women, there is evidence that suggests improvement in vision.

Although forskolin is today largely used for weight loss, there is no conclusive evidence in its effectiveness. On taking forskolin, you increase the levels of the compound cAMP in the body, which plays a major role in a number of biochemical and physiological effects. These effects include burning and breaking down of fats cell which is the action though to assist in weight loss efforts.

It is would be important to note that forskolin could have a drowsy effect as it contains antihistamine properties. And because of this, consumers are advised to take it along with stimulants like caffeine in order to counteract the drowsiness effect. Its doses are also restricted to between 25mg and 60mg which has to taken in 3 or 4 divided doses in a day. For the standardized forskolin supplements meant to assist in weight loss, one is advised to take 125mg of it orally every morning. Some physicians recommend that you take forskolin on an empty stomach for better results.

Those suffering from hypertension, pulmonary ailments, respiratory problems and prostate conditions are advised to keep away from forskolin. The main concern for those with pulmonary problems is that forskolin causes the arteries to relax and reduce blood clotting. Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding are also advised to avoid the product for safety concerns for their infants.

Studies concerning forskolin are still ongoing. Till now, pharmaceutical companies are still try to run some tests on the drug to answer some pending questions. Until there is enough and solid information on forskolin, it is wise to adhere to the already given instructions and warnings and to avoid personal experiments for one’s own well being.

Just as long as you are an adult, using forskolin as per the guidelines given will help you enjoy the benefits it has to offer. Also have it in mind that this product should not be given to children.