Turmeric Forskolin Review

Turmeric forskolin is an all-natural supplement that contains turmeric and forskolin in it. Both turmeric and forskolin are extracted from plants making it very safe to use and a natural product. It has numerous uses, but the use that has pushed it into the limelight, is its wondrous utility as a weight loss agent.

Let’s get an in-depth insight of both these individual components first.


Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a familiar spice that is used mainly in Indian cuisine. It is a flowering plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, the roots of which are used in cooking. The roots can either be used fresh or they are boiled in water for about thirty to forty-five minutes and then dried in hot ovens, after which they are ground into a deep orange-yellow powder (the common turmeric powder used in many a dishes). It has a warm, bitter taste and yellowish colour and is frequently used to flavor or colour curry powders, mustards, butter, and cheeses. But turmeric is far from being just a spice that gives curry its color and taste.

What makes turmeric such a useful spice:

Turmeric contains powerful bioactive compounds that give it its many useful medicinal properties. That’s why turmeric has been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4000 years! Its uses were recognised and exploited in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine.

Turmeric contains around 100 useful chemical compounds which make it so effective as a medicine. The most important of these compounds in ‘curcumin’, a polyphenol.

But the curcumin content in the turmeric root is just around 3 percent by weight so the concentration of curcumin, needed for it to exert its beneficial medicinal effects cannot be achieved just by using turmeric as a spice in foods. It has to be taken in the form of supplements. Turmeric Forskolin is a very natural source of supplementing your turmeric intake.

Uses of turmeric:

1)A natural anti-inflammatory agent:

Curcumin present inside turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It blocks the complement cascade. Some researches show that it is as potent an anti-inflammatory agent as some drugs (for example NSAIDs). But it has no side effects which are shown by those drugs. So people, who have to use these anti-inflammatory drugs for a long time for conditions such as joint swellings, can use turmeric as it doesn’t have any side effects.

It can be used orally or it can be applied topically on swellings. This anti-inflammatory property makes it a useful supplement in numerous diseases. Some examples include

  • Gingivitis
  • Uveitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Hay fever

2)Prevention of malignancies such as colorectal cancer:

As of today, there is no drug in allopathic medicine which can prevent cancer. But researches have proved that some natural herbs and products may decrease the incidence of certain cancers. Turmeric is one of them. It not only causes the death of cancerous and mutagenic cells, but it also reduces the angiogenesis of cancerous cells, causing them to wither off and die. One example is of colorectal cancer. Use of turmeric can prevent and reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer.

3)Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease. In allopathic medicine, unfortunately, there’s no cure for this disease. Turmeric increases the amount of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in the brain. It stimulates the repair and even growth of neurons. Thus turmeric, combined with this effect and its anti-inflammatory effect, improves one’s memory and can even alleviate symptoms of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

4)Heart diseases:

 Turmeric improves the function of endothelium. Endothelium is the internal lining of the blood vessels. By this effect, turmeric decreases the incidence of heart diseases like angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Turmeric also decreases cholesterol levels in the body. This also prevents heart diseases.

5)Antioxidant effect:

Antioxidants neutralise the harmful free radicals in the body. Turmeric increases the body’s antioxidants radically, thus combating the free radicals. This effect of turmeric can delay the natural aging process of the body, giving one longevity.


Being a potent anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis like joint pain and inflammation. It is especially useful in Rheumatoid arthritis. As these patients have to take anti-inflammatory drugs for a long time, they face their side effects (like stomach and duodenal ulcers). If they use turmeric in place of these anti-inflammatory drugs, they would not face any such side effects.

7)Useful in hair loss:

Turmeric contains essential nutrients including key vitamins and minerals which improve hair health. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it a useful agent to prevent hair loss. It can not only be used as a topical cream to be applied on the scalp, but it is equally as effective when taken orally.

8)Improves digestion:

Turmeric improves digestion by supporting enzymatic reactions and enhancing acid production. It also helps in the muscle movement of the stomach and the gut and plays its role in optimal nutrient absorption. It is also rich in fibre which prevents many problems such as constipation.

9)Boosts immunity:

 Immune system of our body is like our own personal security forces. It protects us from diseases. Turmeric boosts the immune function of the body, protecting us from all sorts of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

10) Peptic Ulcer disease:

 Turmeric has long been used in patients with stomach ulcers. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect and its beneficial effect on the inner lining of the stomach, it can prevent ulcers.

11)Vitamins and minerals:

It is a rich source of many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, manganese, copper, and potassium.

12)Diabetes Mellitus:

This use of turmeric is still being researched upon, but the early researches suggest that turmeric decreases the insulin resistance and helps to reduce the dosage of the diabetes controlling drugs.

13) Weight loss:

 Turmeric has proven beneficial effects in weight loss according to numerous studies. There are various ways in which turmeric helps someone to lose weight. These include

-Enhancing the body metabolic rate.

-Decreasing insulin resistance and helping the body breakdown carbohydrates.

-Keeping the level of fat retaining hormones like cortisol down.

-Decreasing appetite by initiating the satiety signals earlier.

-Increasing the thyroid function which increases the basal metabolic rate.

Who has to be careful while using turmeric:

Turmeric is a natural condiment so it is really safe to use. Although certain people have to be careful while using it:

1- Anyone who is taking blood thinners eg Warfarin, antiplatelet drugs etc. should be careful because turmeric has blood thinning properties as well.

2-Pregnant women should avoid it due to its blood thinning properties.

3-Anyone with a history of gallstones should be careful while using it.

4-It may hinder iron absorption. So anaemic people must be careful while using it.

Forskolin – what is it?

Forskolin is a natural supplement extracted from the root of the Indian coleus plant. Indian coleus plant belongs to the mint family. It is indigenous to India, Nepal and Thailand. This herbal extract has long been used in the field of medicine for its beneficial effects. Its uses are especially diverse in Ayurvedic Medicine.

In addition to its utility as a weight loss agent, it has also been used traditionally in Asthma, Glaucoma, Cardiomyopathy and urinary tract infections.

How does Turmeric Forskolin help in weight loss:

1- Turmeric Forskolin increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Slow metabolism means that the food we eat is not broken down to provide energy for the body and is stored as fat reserves. Turmeric Forskolin prevents this by enhancing the metabolic rate. Turmeric Forskolin also increases the body metabolic rate which is decreasing with the advancing age.

2– There are a few hormones in the body which promote the storage of fat in the body (for example cortisol), increasing the fat content of the body. Turmeric Forskolin decreases the levels of such hormones, thus preventing any unnecessary accumulation of fat in the body.

3- Turmeric Forskolin decreases one’s appetite. It does so by initiating the satiety signals earlier than usual. So while eating, you will feel full earlier and as a result, you will eat less.

4- Turmeric Forskolin also decreases the resistance to insulin at the cellular level. This makes the breakdown of carbohydrates easier. When carbohydrates get broken down, they don’t get stored as fat in the body.

5- Turmeric Forskolin also decreases the fat content of the body while preserving the muscle mass.

7- Turmeric Forskolin can also help gain some muscle mass in very lean people by increasing the production of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that causes the build-up of muscles. This was also proved in a blind trial that forskolin increases the muscle mass of the body.

8- Turmeric forskolin increases the thyroid hormone (thyroxine) levels in the body. This increases the basal metabolic rate of the body.

According to some studies, Turmeric Forskolin can burn as much and one pound fat per day, regularly! You will not lose one pound weight daily though, because new fat is being made as well, but you will start seeing its effects, in a month or two, if used regularly.

So in essence, Turmeric Forskolin helps to reduce weight by

1-Enhancing body metabolism.

2-Burning body fat faster and preserving the muscle content of the body.

3-Decreasing one’s appetite.

4-Decreasing the resistance to insulin.

Side effects of using Turmeric Forskolin:

As it is a completely natural product which is extracted from plants, there are no side effects of using Turmeric Forskolin. Studies have been done both on forskolin and turmeric separately, no side effects of either of these were found.

For how long can Turmeric Forskolin be taken?

As there are no harmful or unwanted side effects of taking Turmeric Forskolin, it can be used for as long as someone needs it.

If someone is extremely overweight, they may need to use it for a longer period of time. But you will start seeing its beneficial effects on your body within a month or two.

Research-based evidence of the effectiveness of this product:

The effectiveness of this product for weight loss has been proved by a research trial which took place in the University of Kansas. This research was carried out for both overweight males and females which got 50mg of Turmeric Forskolin every day for 2 months regularly.

The results of this research were exceptional.

Overweight males dropped 7.8 times more unwanted fat than usual, got a 35% boost in bone tissue strength (bone mass) and a 34% boost in bio-available testosterone. Females as well noted an improvement; 9.2 Times more unwanted weight has been shed oppose to normal losing weight and 7% boost in lean muscle mass following 8 weeks.

Who should be careful while using Turmeric Forskolin?

1- Anyone who is taking blood thinners eg Warfarin, antiplatelet drugs etc. should be careful because turmeric has blood thinning properties as well.

2- Pregnant women should avoid it due to its blood thinning properties.

3- Anyone with a history of gallstones should be careful while using it.

4- It may hinder iron absorption. So anaemic people must be careful while using it.

5- Hypertensive patients: Anybody taking blood pressure decreasing medications must be careful as forskolin itself has a blood pressure lowering effect. So the drugs may interact to produce dangerously low blood pressure(hypotension). These include

  • Calcium channel blockers (e.g. Verapamil, Diltiazem etc.)
  • Beta Blockers (e.g. Carvidelol, lobatelol etc.l
  • Hydralazine
  • Clonidine
  • Methyl dopa

6- Peptic Ulcer Disease patients: Anyone with a stomach or duodenal ulcer or a history of such an ulcer should be very careful while using forskolin.

7- People with an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmias)

8- People with a rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)

9-Pregnant women: No trials of the safety of forskolin in pregnant women is done. So pregnant women must avoid using forskolin for the duration of the pregnancy.

10- Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid it.

11- Heart patients who are using blood thinners or antiplatelet drugs.

12- Patients of polycystic kidney disease should be very careful while using it. Their renal parameters should be in complete control.


1- Turmeric Forskolin is a completely natural product with proven beneficial effects especially on weight loss. It contains turmeric and forskolin.

2-Turmeric is a spice used most commonly in curries. But in addition to its use as a spice, it has a lot of other medicinal uses as well. Some of the diseases it is used in include; certain cancers like colorectal cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, stomach ulcers, Alzheimer’s, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and many more.

3-Forskolin is an extract from the Indian coleus plant. It is used in UTIs, glaucoma, cardiomyopathy and Asthma.

4-Turmeric Forskolin helps the process of weight loss by enhancing the body metabolism, burning the body fat faster, preserving the muscle content of the body, decreasing one’s appetite and decreasing the insulin resistance at the cellular level.

5-There are no side effects of Turmeric Forskolin as it is a completely natural product. It is one hundred percent safe to use. It can be used for as long as someone wants to use. Effects will start to show in a month or two.

6-People using blood thinners, hypertensive patients, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers must be careful while using it.


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