Nutragenics Forskolin Review

Nutragenics forskolin is a weight loss supplement that has been making headlines for some time now due to its effectiveness. It is a completely natural product which helps in the weight loss process. But in addition to its effectiveness as a weight loss agent, it has other advantages as well.

About this brand :

Nutragenics is a relatively newer company but has made a name for itself as the most reliable source for weight loss supplements. Nutragenics prides itself on providing the most natural products with no additional synthetic compounds. In a short period, nutragenics has established itself as a reliable source of weight loss supplements.

The effectiveness of this product is backed by positive users reviews and third-party accreditations.

Its two products, Nutragenics forskolin and Nutragenics Garcinia cambogia extract are available and their results speak for themselves. Reviews about both these products say that they are super effective and completely safe to use.

Nutragenics forskolin contains completely natural and pure forskolin. The biggest advantage of Nutragenics forskolin is that it contains no additional ingredients besides the completely natural forskolin which makes it very safe to use.

Ingredients of Nutragenics Forskolin:

Nutragenics Forskolin is prepared by completely natural and pure forskolin which is extracted from the roots of the Indian coleus plant. This herbal extract has long been used in the field of medicine for its beneficial effects. Its uses are especially diverse in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Nutragenics forskolin is free of any harmful synthetic additives and chemicals. This property makes Nutragenics forskolin one hundred percent safe to use as it is coming from a completely natural source.

Forskolin has proven effect in losing weight:

One use of Forskolin, and the most important one in this modern day and age, as an effective weight loss agent, has especially emerged forward in the past few years. Studies and trials have been done, where it is evident that forskolin is an effective tool for weight loss. Inside a medical trial of 15 obese men, one group was handed 500 mg of 10% forskolin extract every day.
After 12 days, the body fat percentages recorded from the men taking forskolin decreased considerably – from typically 35% to 31% – when compared with individuals given a placebo.

Simultaneously, lean muscle mass in males taking forskolin elevated by about 5%.

These results speak for themselves about the effectiveness of Forskolin. The effectiveness of Nutragenics Forskolin is backed by the experiment based evidence. Its effectiveness has not only been proved by experiments but is also evident by numerous positive users reviews. The users shared their experiences, most of them reiterate the same point, that Forskolin works!

How does Nutragenics Forskolin help weight loss?

Pure and natural Forskolin present in the Nutragenics Forskolin helps to shed the extra pounds in a number of ways.

1. Nutragenics Forskolin increases the metabolic rate of the body. It does so by increasing the production of hormones like thyroxine. Thyroxine has a thermogenic effect. It resets the rate of metabolism in the body to a higher point. You must be thinking that what happens when the metabolic rate is increased. When the metabolic rate is increased, the body starts burning the calories faster. So basically, the body starts consuming more energy to function, which means that there are no excess calories to store as the adipose tissue in the body.

It doesn’t stop at this, the body needs more energy so it starts utilising the fat stores in the body to obtain energy. Fat reserves in the belly, the buttocks, the chest and the legs start melting to supply for the increased energy demand. So you start losing the fat inside the body which is making you obese. So Nutragenics Forskolin working as a gun, targets the fat reserves and blasts them off.

The metabolic rate of the body naturally starts decreasing as one gets older. That’s another advantage of Nutragenics Forskolin, it also enhances the decreasing body metabolism in the old age.

Another unbelievable advantage of Nutragenics Forskolin is that its effects on weight loss are long lasting. Nutragenics Forskolin increases the metabolic rate. And the metabolic rate, once increased, remains at that new level for a long duration of time. It doesn’t reset itself to its old point for quite some time. So once you lose weight, you won’t put up weight easily for a long duration.

2. Nutragenics Forskolin increases the thermogenesis of the body, decreasing the blubber. But it has a very important role in preserving the muscle content of the body while you are shedding pounds. So you lose weight without losing any energy or strength. As forskolin is inducing the body to break down fat to get energy, the muscle mass in our body is spared i.e. we are not using any protein from our body to get energy. Muscles constitute the good weight of our body, fat makes the bad weight. Forskolin makes sure that we lose the bad weight but not the good weight. So we lose weight without any decrease in our energy and strength.

Some people complain that their skin sags when they lose weight. This happens because in addition to losing fat, they are losing their muscles mass as well. This doesn’t happen with Nutragenics Forskolin.

3. A common problem faced in the period of diet restriction is that the energy levels decrease drastically. This decrease in the energy levels affects one’s performance in one’s daily chores. If you are a student, your studies get affected. if you are working, your work gets affected. Nutragenics Forskolin prevents this unwanted side effect of diet restriction. By virtue of its incremental effect on the metabolism of the body, it actually increases one’s energy levels. So you will actually feel more energetic while doing your tasks. Many users have noticed this and mentioned this beneficial effect in their reviews, that Nutragenics Forskolin has on their daily duties.

So in summary, Nutragenics Forskolin:

  • Causes weight loss.
  • Increases the metabolic rate of the body.
  • Helps the body to burn the fat faster.
  • Preserves the muscle mass of the body.
  • Nutragenics Forskolin can also help to gain some muscle mass in lean people.
  • Prevents sagging of skin as you lose weight.
  • Increases the energy levels thus enhancing the performance.

Is Nutragenics Forskolin safe to use? 

Nutragenics forskolin is completely safe to use as it is a natural product. There are no side effects of Nutragenics Forskolin diet pills. They are completely safe. Studies done on forskolin and weight loss didn’t find any harmful effects. Studies done in subjects losing weight using Nutragenics Forskolin revealed that their health parameters like holesterol, blood glucose levels and blood pressure remained in check and eventually improved.

It is highly unlikely, but if you get an allergic reaction after using this product, consult your doctor.

Why Nutragenics Forskolin?

  1. It is very effective for weight loss.
  2. It is the most common supplement to be prescribed in the weight loss clinics.
  3. Nutragenics Forskolin contains completely natural forskolin with no unnecessary additives.
  4. It is produced at the GNP certified laboratory without having to use any chemicals in it.

These pros make Nutragenics forskolin one of the best and one of the most effective forskolin products available in the market.

What makes Nutragenics Forskolin so effective?

  • Nutragenics forskolin has a natural cleansing system which helps to remove the bad bacteria from your gut which prevents bloating.
  • Nutragenics forskolin not only targets the existing fat reserves of the body, but it also prevents the body from making new fat stores by enhancing the body metabolism.
  • Once you metabolic rate gets increased, it keeps at that level for a long period of time. So the results of your efforts to lose weight will be long lasting.
  • It will enhance your energy levels by increasing your muscle mass which will increase your everyday productivity.

For how long can Nutragenics Forskolin be used?

Nutragenics Forskolin is a completely natural and safe product so it can be used for as long as someone needs it. Its effects on weight loss will start showing after a month but at least use it for a couple of months regularly.

How to use Nutragenics forskolin?

The forskolin in Nutragenics forskolin is concentrated to a 20 percent strength which is the recommended dose. Each capsule contains 250 mg and you have to take 2 capsules everyday. Take one capsule half an hour before breakfast and one capsule half an hour before dinner. Always take them with plenty of water.

Nutragenics Forskolin can also be paired with apple cider vinegar or the product form the same company, the Nutragenics Garcinia cambogia extract. These combinations are highly effective.

Weight loss supplements containing Forskolin are only effective if used regularly for at least a couple of months. You will start seeing its effects on your body fat after a month but don’t stop there. Use Nutragenics Forskolin for a couple of months at least.

Every human being has a somewhat unique biological configuration. So it is possible that Nutragenics Forskolin acts slowly on some people. But persist with using it regularly and you will start seeing its effects, slowly but surely.

Can you do exercise and control your diet while using Nutragenics Forskolin?

Yes, you can diet and exercise while using Nutragenics Forskolin. It is recommended that you eat healthy and take light exercise to amplify the results seen from using this supplement.

Who should be careful while taking forskolin?

1. Hypertensive patients: Anybody taking blood pressure decreasing medications must be careful as forskolin itself has a blood pressure lowering effect. So the drugs may interact to produce dangerously low blood pressure(hypotension). These include

  • Calcium channel blockers (e.g. Verapamil, Diltiazem etc.)
  • Beta Blockers (e.g. Carvidelol, lobatelol etc.l
  • Hydralazine
  • Clonidine
  • Methyl dopa

2. Peptic Ulcer Disease patients: Anyone with a stomach or duodenal ulcer or a history of such an ulcer should be very careful while using forskolin.

3. People with an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmias)

4. People with a rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)

5. Pregnant women: No trials of the safety of forskolin in pregnant women is done. So pregnant women must avoid using forskolin for the duration of the pregnancy.

6. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid it.

7. Heart patients who are using blood thinners or antiplatelet drugs.

8. Patients of polycystic kidney disease should be very careful while using it. Their renal parameters should be in complete control.

Where can you get Nutragenics Forskolin from?

If you are looking to buy Nutragenics Forskolin then you just have to go to official site and avail a spot for yourself to make a purchase. Remember that this product is only available at their online store.


  • Always check the seal of the bottle before using it. If the seal is broken beforehand, don’t use that bottle and send it back to the company.
  • Store it in a cool dry place. Store it at a place away from the direct sunlight.
  • It is recommended that the under-18 population doesn’t use it.
  • Don’t use Nutragenics forskolin if you are pregnant.


  1. Nutragenics First is a reliable brand that sells completely natural products without any unnecessary additives.
  2. Forskolin is extracted from the Indian coleus plant and has a proven benefit in weight loss.
  3. Nutragenics forskolin helps in fat loss while preventing the muscle mass of the body. It does so by increasing the metabolic rate of the body.
  4. Nutragenics forskolin has no side effects as it is a completely natural product.
  5. Always store Nutragenics forskolin in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  6. Pregnant women and under-18 population should not use it. People on hypertensive medication and people with pre-existing heart diseases should use it carefully.